Easy and profitable side business

Easy and profitable side business

In the digital age as it is currently looking for money can be a thing that is not too difficult, of course for people who are observant and want to try. No wonder that in this era many housewives have side income that exceeds the salaries of managers in private companies.
For those of you who have been poor across the business world this kind of information is probably mediocre information isn’t it, because we are sure you have often found easy opportunities to run this kind.

But for those of you who are looking for ideas to start a business, you would be surprised to know this information. Furthermore, perhaps you are confused about what kind of business can be used as a side but exceeds the main salary income. Here it is an easy and profitable side business!

Content Writing

Although it sounds flashy, but this side effort is known to be successful in making many people reap their own coffers. Even if you are good enough and proficient in writing you can get money in excess of the salary of private employees

But what exactly is content writing? Basically, content writing is a content creation business where you can create writing content for website owners who will then pay you. Usually the goal is to increase traffic from the websites they have.

For this reason, you should be able to have above average writing skills. Besides the drawbacks of this business is that you have to stand under the pressure of writing every day because the demands to continue writing will continue to exist. Usually website owners through their content manager will provide specific writing targets every day for you to write.

In addition, perhaps it is rather difficult for those of you who rarely wrote beforehand to start plunging in this world. Because the only way content managers select content writers is to look at their previous work portfolio.

Translation Services

If in the past most translator services offered certified appendages, or certificates, this is different from today. Nowadays many people offer translation services using your portfolio.
Especially if you are a bachelor in a specific field. For example, if you are a social graduate, you will certainly be more trusted if you open a translation service for academic articles in the social field, for example.

But just like content writing work that being a translator also means having to be prepared with very high pressure to write. Especially if you choose to become a translator of academic articles.

We guarantee the demand from your clients is certainly very high with a very high standard. On the other hand if this is indeed your side job, it means you must be prepared to work endlessly to translate the article besides the main job that you have.

Income? Indeed, when compared with professional translators you certainly can not set prices high enough. But arguably to become a translator can make more money than a content writer. Because usually these translators fix the price by multiplying the number of pages with payment for translation services per page.

Graphic Design and Multimedia Services

Now this is perhaps one of the most muddy side businesses. Because it is known at this time the demand for graphic design and multimedia services reaches its highest point. Good for Instagram content, Youtube, to the needs of selling distro shirts for example.

It’s just that this high demand actually makes many graphic designers actually down in value. Unless it does have a big name, many clients are arbitrary in giving prices. Wrong? Of course not, this is a market reaction to the large number of non-professional graphic designers who have high talent and design skills but provide prices that are much cheaper than professional graphic designers.

Although currently still full of controversy, arguably making graphic and multimedia designer services as a profitable side income is a pretty good step at this time.
Furthermore, if you want to play it safe, you can sell graphic design results that you have on online website pages that have mushroomed, either by entering into competitions or auctioning your work.

Selling snacks and fried foods

As one of the most often ruled out, selling snacks and fried foods is in fact known to provide enormous income. There are even some people who are determined to quit their jobs because of success selling snacks. Snacks that you can sell are varied, ranging from toast, fried foods, chips, to contemporary breads. What is certain to be able to sell snacks and fried foods as a side business is, you have to make it as simple and easy as possible.

Because if you have a recipe or processing that is too complicated, it will be difficult for you to find employees who can make food that is as good as the one you make. If it’s simple, of course you can share your knowledge with your employees.

This convenience can give you the flexibility to grow your business. For example if you have mastered the management of raw materials to the processing of these snacks, then you can easily create a brand and sell your merchandise franchise.

But keep in mind, to be able to start selling a franchise you must have good management. If you can’t, you will be cheated outright and many people will just copy the idea you have.
But if you succeed you can even let go of your original work. Believe it or not, there are actually a lot of people out there, fried food brokers, cendol, and snacks such as egg rolls that have more than 10 carts to manage.

These people can earn even more from managers in private companies.
Now as for some ideas that we can give you to try to make, for example, present-day toast, fried sandwiches, fried salads, contemporary burgers, cendol, to fried snacks that you commonly encounter on the sides of the road.

Buy a Cheap Franchise

Another side business that is quite popular with many employees is to buy cheap franchises that are scattered today. You can find it on various online franchise offering sites and assess the brand you want to buy there.

Is it possible? Of course you can in this day and age! You can’t imagine that a franchise that exists today is the same as a franchise in the past where you have to pay hundreds of millions to billions of dollars to get a license to sell certain brands. Today there are many small and medium business brands that offer franchises worth tens of millions to less than 5 million! Indeed, when compared to the billions of franchise profits are very far away.

But as far as we know, for a 5-10 million franchise you can return on investment in an average of 1-5 months according to the owner’s claim. Now that means the benefits you can get from just one franchise is big enough right?

It’s just that we don’t recommend this type of business if you have no experience in the business. Because there are several steps that require your shrewdness as a businessman. For example, in the beginning you are required to be smart to judge which franchise is good and what is ‘fake’.

Furthermore, you also must be observant in reading the agreements that will be made by the brand owner and you as the licensee. If you do not have enough experience, you might be cheated or even harmed because of one-sided agreements. Finally, even though the franchise offers a lot of knowledge and theory to licensees. In the end, business success will depend on the business skills that you have, well don’t let you get out of big capital at the beginning but lose at the end because of your lack of experience and business skills.